If you live in Texas, you know all too well the familiarity of the blazing heat that takes over every year in Texas.  It’s not only hot, but humid, and that adds a whole new level of uncomfortable living to the equation.  Texas summers can be brutal and might leave you feeling like you need to escape for a little while.

How about a river cruise through the beautiful Pacific Northwest this summer? Not only will you find some respite from the heat of Texas, you’ll be able to enjoy the cool breezes coming from the magnificent Columbia Gorge as your boat paddles through the water. Hop aboard The Queen of The West and explore the sights and refreshing weather that the Northwest has to offer. From the glittering waterfalls of the Gorge to the majestic mountains, this popular cruise will leave you captivated.


All Aboard the Cruise!

Fly into Portland, Oregon, and spend a day or two exploring the city before you get on the ship. Portland’s food and beer scene is unrivaled and you’ll find that the friendly people and artistic vibe of the city to be unlike anything you’ll find in Texas. Once you’re on board the river cruise, you’ll journey towards Astoria, Oregon, an area full of history, known for its end of the Lewis & Clark Trail. You’ll then cruise your way through the Volcano Alley on the Columbia River, taking in the beautiful sights of Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, and famous Mt. St. Helens.


You’ll continue through the Columbia River Gorge, stopping at various points to take in the breathtaking cliffs and waterfalls of the area. Then, you’ll make your way through Stevenson, Washington, where you transit through the Bonneville Lock and Dam. You’ll then visit through the inland seaports of Clarkston, Washington and Lewiston, Idaho, where you will be able to view magnificent wildlife and see Hell’s Canyon, the deepest canyon in North America.


While you are river cruising, you’ll be able to experience fresh, Northwest cuisine, exquisite regional wine favorites, and experience the spectacular sights that the Columbia River has to offer. This vacation is a once in a lifetime adventure that is best experienced during the mild days of summer.

So, book your trip today and get your itinerary ready!