We know, the months have been flying by, but the holidays are right around the corner. At USA River Cruises, our trips fill up quickly, so we always advise travelers to book as far in advance as possible, from 6 months to a year if you know your plans ahead of time.

The Holidays are a treasured time for many, a brief pause in our lives when we create time with those we love and build memories that last for years, even generations. Deciding how to enjoy this special time can sometimes feel overwhelming: we don’t want to make the wrong decision and miss out on quality experiences we could have had with those we care most about.

If you’re considering a holiday cruise, congratulations! Our clients love the holiday cruises we offer and are never disappointed with their choices. However, deciding what type of cruise you would like to spend your holidays on deserves some thought. The following questions can help you clarify what would best benefit you and your family.

What type of cruise are you looking for?

Not all cruises taken during the holidays qualify as holiday cruises, so it’s important to specify.Thanksgiving Aboard the American Queen, for instance, features a Thanksgiving feast. However, if you were to choose another cruise, such as the Legacy of Discovery on the Columbia River, you may find yourself at sea or just coming into port on this great day of thanks, minus specifically Thanksgiving-related plans.

Where would you like to spend your holiday?

How about taking a cruise along the Mississippi?

Take a cruise on the Mississippi aboard the All-Suite American Duchess this Christmas! 2017 will be the first year for the 166-passenger American Duchess ship- the first all-suite river cruise vessel! Your experience will be what you’ve come to know and expect from our all-inclusive small ship cruises: shore excursions at every port we stop at, complimentary wine and beer with dinner, among many other luxurious accommodations that you have come to know and love from USA River Cruises. Most importantly, aboard the American Duchess you will enjoy spacious suites and entertainment worthy of Broadway! The American Duchess will kick off the 2017 schedule with “The Mighty Mississippi Cruise” from New Orleans to Minneapolis! This 23-day cruise is the ultimate way to experience the holidays through the lens of rich history and culture of the area. Throughout the Christmas Season there are a variety of different cruises with which to choose from in different lengths going to different stops all around the Mississippi! Make this Christmas one to remember aboard the American Duchess!

Will children be attending your cruise?

If your cruise involves kids, you will want to consider both trips and destinations that feature activities they will enjoy, depending on their ages. Cruises with tropical beach destinations allow for hours of fun in the sun during what is a cold winter season elsewhere! Another great option is our Red River Holiday Cruise, which embarks and disembarks from iconic New Orleans.

Whenever you attend a cruise with children, keep in mind that, even with all of the activities available on family-oriented trips, simple activities are sometimes best. Build down time into your plans so kids can have a quiet moment to draw or color, or hide away in your cabin with you and a good book. These serene moments can create lasting memories for you and your children.

What Does Holiday Mean to You?

The holidays often bring up warm memories of times past. Sometimes they can also serve as a way to reshape holiday memories that may not have been wonderful, or to create new traditions with the next generation of your family.

For some, a delicious gourmet meal makes their experience. Others respond deeply to the sights and sounds of a holiday – music and decorations create their special wonderland. Finally, some just want to spend quality time with those they love, visiting familiar or wholly new destinations. Whatever the holidays mean to you, it is important to identify what would make your journey most joyous, for you and your family, so you can truly choose the best excursion for you!

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