BedIt’s Christmas Season! Have you watched ‘White Christmas’ yet? I did! My daughter and I watch it every year. I was struck by this small conversational moment between Phil (Danny Kaye) and Bob (Bing Crosby) when they first get onboard the train, headed for New York. Unbeknownst to Bob, Phil has given away their tickets for their sleeping room onboard the train, and now the boys have to pay to sit in the club car. Phil tries to console Bob, by saying that if they had flown on a plane, they would have to be sitting up. But Bob chose to travel by train so that he could lay down and get a good night’s sleep!

Pontchartrain Club CarThis is the nostalgic dream we all have of train travel. Yeah, a plane is faster. If I’m in a hurry, I want the plane. But if getting to the destination is also part of the vacation, I would rather ride a train! I can arrive at my destination well-rested and well-fed – exactly the dream that Bob was trying to convey to Phil!

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