Do you love to travel and explore new places? Instill the love of travel and share that desire to never stop learning more about the world around you with the gift of books. Inspire the little ones in your life with books that will open their minds to the big, wide world and the love of discovering new places that don’t just exist in a fairy tale.  Here are a few of our favorites:



children's travel books

How to See the World and Make an Apple Pie

An apple pie is easy to make…if the market is open. But if the market is closed, the world becomes your grocery store. This picture book takes readers around the globe to gather ingredients for a delicious apple pie. First hop a steamboat to Italy for the finest semolina wheat. Then hitch a ride to England and hijack a cow for the freshest possible milk. And, oh yes! Don’t forget to go apple picking in Vermont!

children's travel books

My Little Cities: San Francisco

In this series, toddlers are exposed to major cities around the USA and around the world with sweet baby-appropriate text,  charming illustrations, and a light introduction to rhyme and opposites. Little travelers can explore the City by the Bay: cruise along the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, play with the sea lions at Pier 39, ride cable cars up steep hills, and have a picnic in lovely San Francisco.

children's travel books

National Parks of the USA

Take a tour of America’s great outdoors and discover the beauty of its most iconic and majestic national parks from coast to coast.

children's travel books

Wherever You go

Ride along with an adventurous rabbit and his animal friends as they journey over steep mountain peaks, through bustling cityscapes, and down long, winding roads to discover the magical worlds that lie just outside their doors. It is a beautifully rhyming introduction to inspire the exploring spirit.

children's travel books

Everything & Everywhere: A Fact-Filled Adventure for Curious Globetrotters

For the children who are ready for more information, this beautifully illustrated book inspired children to learn more. Traveling the globe, they are introduced to facts about new places and cultures. Right now you may live here, but someday you may be here….(point to anyplace on the globe.)

cherry pie

How to Make a Cherry Pie and See the USA

Another Marjorie Priceman favorite, you can join the young baker (and her little dog!) as they travel the United States—from New Hampshire to Hawaii, from Alaska to Texas—in search of the coal, cotton, clay, and granite they need to create all their baking tools. They’ll take a round-the-U.S.A. journey by riverboat, taxi, train, and plane in a culinary adventure—and a playful celebration of America’s natural resources.

puget sound travel book

Elliott the Otter

Elliott the Otter lives in Elliott Bay and claims that it’s named after him. And why wouldn’t it be, since he’s in charge of its daily activity? From the freighters bringing in cargo from around the world to the salmon passing through on their way upstream, Elliott is the boss of it all. Young readers will delight in Elliott’s antics as they learn about the bustling bay in Seattle’s Puget Sound.

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My Little Golden Book About Boston

Explore Boston with Beanie the Boston Terrier as your guide! This Little Golden Book highlights major attractions of this “wicked awesome” city, including Paul Revere’s House, Fenway Park, the Greenway Carousel, and the Franklin Park Zoo. Plus, there are great activity ideas, such as riding in a swan boat, enjoying a frosty Boston frappe, and following the Freedom Trail! This book is perfect for families with young kids who are visiting Boston, as well as residents who want to discover more of their hometown.

children travel books

The Scrambled States of America

At the first annual “states party,” Virginia and Idaho hatch a plan to swap spots so each can see another part of the country. Before the party is over, all the states decide to switch places. In the beginning, every state is happy in its new location. But soon things start to go wrong. Will the states ever unscramble themselves and return to their proper places? Packed with madcap humor and whimsical illustrations, this quirky story-starring all fifty states-is chock-full of introductory facts and silly antics that will make learning geography as much fun as taking a vacation.

children's travel books

Next Stop Grand Central

At Grand Central Station, Chief of Police George Coppola finds lost people, and Mr. Chidchester, head of the Lost and Found, finds lost dogs. Marino Marino makes oyster stew, while thinking up interesting math problems. A man in a porkpie hat buys cherry pies. Fun, stylized artwork, along with entertaining text, brilliantly captures the excitement of Grand Central Station, “the busiest, fastest, biggest place there is.”

children's travel books

A Ticket Around the World

Join a young boy as he hops around the globe, visiting friends in 13 different countries spanning all 6 populated continents. Along the way, each friend introduces us to their country’s environment and customs, and shares interesting facts about their country’s culture, language, food, geography, wildlife, landmarks and more. Each country has a dedicated spread with a small map that shows geography and landmarks, letting readers imagine they are traveling, too.

children's travel books

A World of Cookies for Santa

As children across the world go to bed on Christmas eve, they leave cookies and milk for Santa. As he travels the world, he tastes some fun treats along the way. Read about the different cookies Santa gets to sample every Christmas. Recipes included too! 

children's travel books

All Aboard! Pacific Northwest

Every part of the world can be mapped out for adventure, and brilliant babies love the sophistication of traveling by train. In the latest title of this popular board book series, babies and parents climb aboard to explore the Pacific Northwest and its fun activities, from shopping, to hiking, to skiing, and more!

Ride along from Oregon to Washington to British Columbia to discover cities like Portland, Vancouver, and Seattle and sights like Mt. Rainier and Haystack Rock.The series also offers travel books heading to National Parks, the Great Lakes, Texas, California, Paris, and more.

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A is For America!

An engaging collection of 26 illustrations featuring more than just fireworks, parades, and the American flag. Also includes iconic moments from American history. Illustrator Greg Paprocki’s popular BabyLit alphabet board books feature his classically retro midcentury art style that’s proven to be a hit with both toddlers and adults.