The chairwoman of the Dun Laughaire Harbour Company is urging Dublin to invest in projects that will attract more cruise ships to Ireland’s shores. Her hope is for the cruise ships to stop in Dun Laughaire Port, and the industrial ships and ferries would operate out of Dublin Port. They had 14 cruise ships stop during the summer, and would love to boost their cruise presence to boost the local economy.

At the same time, Liverpool has gotten a boost in cruise stops as well. They’re also trying to increase their cruise presence. Fjord cruiseBritain’s cruise presence is minimal among small ships. One 15-day arctic cruise departs from Edinburgh, but doesn’t linger for long as it heads north for Norway and Iceland.

With the new Viking Star, one European cruise ship company will be venturing out onto the oceans – but with a big ship. It will be visiting Scandinavian ports, as well as London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona. But its a big ship – incapable of giving passengers that intimate local experience.

With the heavy concentration of small ships cruising  the rivers in continental Europe, could a few of them journey out across the English Channel to loop around the British Isles?

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