Today, are you living your life? Have you begun your journey? For 2016 (and even 2017), let’s explore the world! Try a small ship or maybe a barge; cruise a new river; cross another continent off your bucket list!

Norway: Classic Voyage North

Front Page NorwayThere are 12 ships devoted to cruising the length of Norway’s coastline. Originally charged with transporting goods, mail, and people, the ships now also house cruise passengers. Choose a ship based on the style of travel that makes the most sense to you: Classic, Expedition or Vintage. How do you want to experience Norway?

Want to extend your Norway vacation? Make your cruise roundtrip: 12-Day Classic Norway Voyage.


Ireland: Barge Cruise! photo64__page_50_replace_main_barge_photo

The Shannon Princess could be your ticket to properly geek out over Irish culture and history! Cruise the River Shannon experiencing castles, enjoying pastoral views, and drinking Guinness where it was intended to be drunk: an Irish pub! The barge cruise is a relaxed, luxurious way to visit a small region, in this case, central Ireland.

Want to see more of the island? Extend your trip with a rail tour!


Myanmar: Golden Treasures of Myanmar

Myanmar landscape cropped

10-night cruise on the Ayeyarwady River. Experiencing the ancient culture of Burma, now Myanmar. This land tucked between India and China, nothing in the world compares to the beauty of Myanmar. The mythical home of dragons in Minbu; the monasteries of Salay; the pagodas and temples that cover the land will leave in awe and wonder. Plan these cruises for Spring or Fall.

Have you already been to Myanmar? Try the Mekong River Cruises instead, in Cambodia and Vietnam.