woman-looking-at-the-seaDo you love to travel alone? Perhaps you spent years globe-trotting with your family, always deferring to their destination suggestions. Or maybe you simply enjoy a trip to yourself to broaden your horizons and give you time to think (or not think), work on a creative project, or just be.

Taking on a new adventure solo can be exhilarating – and expensive. Some companies pile on the extra fees for lodging and travel for those not in groups or pairs. At USA River Cruises, we don’t require you to travel two-by-two, Noah’s-Ark-style, to get a good deal (although, if you and your sweetheart, friend, or whole family want to come along, we’re happy to help you plan a fantastic trip!). AMA Waterways is now offering the perfect option for individuals looking to adventure alone, minus the punishing fees. If you book any 2015 or 2016 river cruise in Europe, Asia, or Africa, get ready to pay no single supplement in their select categories. What does that mean for you? More cruise, with nothing to lose.

The Joys of Traveling Alone

If you’ve traveled solo before, you know the joys of waking up when you want to and having the leisure to follow your every impulse, free from the opinions and needs of others. The wind blows and you follow it – down that next bend in the river, into that alluring corner restaurant, and out with a group of new friends you just made.

Lone travelers spend hours strolling ancient streets, snapping photos and soaking up the scenery. They browse in shops and rest at sidewalk cafe’s, people-watching and maybe even having an unplanned, extended conversation with the person at the next table. In the company of their own thoughts, they find rest, clarity, and the freedom to move about as they please, keeping the hours they choose and focusing on the music, food, and culture they may not have time to enjoy during their busy hours back home.

Finally, solo travelers know the pride and accomplishment of seeing new vistas and bringing them home to those they love. Friends and family are delighted to hear their stories and look at pictures of the places they have been. Solo travelers take time to themselves and create a bouquet of memories with which to inspire their nearest and dearest.

If traveling on your own is your modus operandi, or if you’ve never tried it before and want to treat yourself, USA River Cruises has the perfect deals for you! Contact us today to plan your you-time away from home, today!