The culture, cuisine and history of America’s Deep South is something you’ll never forget. Take a stroll down Beale Street in Memphis, the home of barbecue and blues, or visit the French Quarter in New Orleans and treat yourself to a Cajun feast. When you take a river cruise from Memphis to New Orleans, you’re in for an incredible vacation the moment you step aboard.

At USA River Cruises, we’re all about the experience. Let us show you how:

Meet new people, make friends

When you hop on one of our American cruise vessels, you’ll feel like you’re part of the family.

One of the greatest advantages to taking a river cruise as opposed to a large ocean liner cruise is the intimacy of the trip. One of the most common comments we receive at the end of our cruises from first-time travelers is “I was surprised at how much fun I had.” A river cruise is a social experience. With the ship’s many amenities, cocktail hours, and social events, you’ll get to know your fellow vacationers quickly.

river cruise guests enjoying themselves on the Mississippi River

Unlike tradition giant cruises, you’ll start to recognize the same people you see, and in no time, you’ll be enjoying drinks with your new friends while enjoying the ship’s entertainment. Or, bond with your fellow travelers as you explore hidden treasures found along the Mississippi River in Louisiana and Tennessee.

Taste the local cuisine

Each destination we reach has something unique to offer, whether it be the sights, entertainment, food, or a combination of all three. One of the most effective ways to immerse yourself in New Orleans or Memphis culture is by trying the local cuisine. As we pass through historical towns along the Mississippi River, try some of the nation’s best barbecue or gumbo as you explore the history and culture of the Deep South.

Memphis to New Orleans River Cruise MapAll-inclusive accommodations

Did we mention our trips are all-inclusive? This means no extra charges for alcohol, day excursions, entertainment and more. As soon as you step aboard, you can consider all those stressful travel details taken care of. Our knowledgeable and all-American staff are here to ensure you have an incredible time free from travel stresses such as planning meals and transportation.

Are you ready for your next adventure? Call us at USA River Cruises and speak to one of our agents to book an unforgettable experience.