American Queen Cruise Ship

My clients just returned from St. Paul to St. Louis cruise in late September.  Their trip was modified due to flooding on the Mississippi. Despite their disruption, they had a great attitude about mother nature’s bad timing.  Here’s what they had to say:

Hi Chris,

Our trip was a very interesting,  a fun-learning experience.  We didn’t know there was so much involved in navigating the river.  We met lots of great people, made some friendships which I am sure we will continue. We actually met a couple who live about one mile from us for 6 months in winter and are close to our age, so that was great and I am sure we will see them here in Florida.  The peacefulness of the river was just beautiful and so restful, we really enjoyed sitting on our balcony and watching the scenery.  We were invited to the captain’s table for dinner, that was a lot of fun.

Thanks so much for letting us know about the change in plans ahead of time, we had a couple of days to adjust.  Many of the people were not notified, and boy were they unhappy.  The bus ride was 6 hours, but at least our driver let us stop and walk around a little, some did not.  The only port we didn’t get to was Davenport, there was a bridge out and we had to wait for it to be repaired.  My favorite stop was actually Clinton, which is where we went instead of Davenport, because they had a wonderful antique shop and I found some great buys on depression glass which I collect.  We looked at the whole trip as an adventure, and laughed a lot, so we enjoyed it very much.  The people that were unable to go with flow, were unhappy.  Thanks again for all of your help.  ~ Kathy from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida