newport-rhode-islandAre you a nature lover? If so, you’ll want to plan a trip to Rhode Island.

Rhode Island may be small, but it is chock full of truly amazing natural wonders. Whether you seek out Rhode Island’s stately coast, majestic bluffs, or imposing cliff walks, there is natural beauty to be found wherever you travel in the state. In addition, you’ll find ample bike and hiking trails, national parks and ferries that ensure that each of these stunning natural wonders is fully accessible!

Here are just a few of the surprises that await you Rhode Island:

Newport Cliff Walk – This 3.5-mile public access walkway borders the shoreline and runs behind many of Newport’s famous gilded mansions. The trail runs from Bailey’s Beach to First Beach and offers walkers access to beautiful vistas, awe-inspiring tunnels and lots of long, winding pathways to meander at your leisure. The second half of the Newport Cliff Walk winds through unpaved paths and along rugged shoreline. Those who are able to hike this more challenging path are rewarded with unparalleled views of the rocky Rhode Island shores.

Mohegan Bluffs On Block Island – Located on the southernmost shore of Block Island, the Mohegan Bluffs are large clay cliffs that stand about 150 feet high. From the top of these cliffs, visitors can look out for miles over the Atlantic Ocean. Or, if you are interested in climbing down the steep winding staircase to the beach, you can view the bluffs from the safety of Corn Cove. The Mohegan Bluffs are an especially popular spot for visitors around sunrise and sunset, when the sun hitting the bluffs creates a striking tableau. However, many people choose to spend their entire day visiting the bluffs where, in addition to spectacular views, there are ample opportunities to swim, tan on the beach or simply explore the area.

Norman Bird Sanctuary – The combination of hiking trails and bird watching in Rhode Island is impossible to beat. Located in the charming, coastal village of Middletown, the Norman Bird Sanctuary is recognized as one of the best places to go for bird watching in the entire state. The sanctuary is comprised of 325 total acres and includes 7 miles of hiking trails that wind their way through hay fields, woodlands and ridges overlooking the ocean. In addition to looking out over the ocean, the large bird sanctuary and nature preserve offers fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean, is home to a museum, visitor’s center and gift shop, and features Hanging Rock, a prominent local landmark that overlooks the sea.

Burlingame State Park – Burlingame State Park is situated right next to Watchaug Pond and the Kimball Wildlife Sanctuary in the charming village of Charlestown. The campgrounds here are some of the best and a camping trip to this beautiful state park can make for a truly memorable weekend. Burlingame State Park’s proximity to the Kimball Wildlife Sanctuary makes it a great spot to observe a variety of woodland mammals in their natural habitat. Plus, the 3,100-acre campgrounds feature miles of pristine hiking trails, the perfect place for camping, picnics, swimming, fishing and more! This area even has a boat-launch ramp, for those looking to spend some time out on the open water.

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