beer-in-astoria-oregonFrommer’s calls it “one of the most intriguing towns on the Oregon Coast.” Lewis and Clark spent the winter in Astoria on the ragged and glorious Pacific Northwest Coast. In all weather and seasons, Astoria is romantic and entertaining for visitors who love adventure and the magic of a quaint seaside town, brimming with history.  USA River Cruises will bring you, in style and comfort, where the Columbia River meets the Sea.  

A Long, Dynamic History

For ages people have come by water to this place.  One can imagine disembarking from a canoe on the way to a riverbank potlatch. Now, those banks are lined with rows of brightly-painted Victorian and Shaker homes and the bustle of a port city.  Watch a pair of osprey fish and envision the tall masts of foreign ships, or steamboats of hopeful pioneers bravely pushing upriver. If ships and sailing fascinate you, make time for the Maritime Museum, a fascinating local resource with in-depth information on Astoria’s seafaring history.

Activities Abound In Astoria

When you land  in Astoria, the question really is, what is there not to do?  Nature, history, local cuisine, and annual events are highlights for many passengers arriving on our small ships. Depending on the season, you can watch a regatta, attend the Northwest Crab and Lobster Fest, or join fellow Goonies on pilgrimage to local sets.  There is world-class wildlife viewing available, military history, a shipwreck, wine rooms, access to heritage sites, and a mountain of trails nearby. Many featured attractions are within healthy walking distance of the pier. Be sure to try the historic riverfront trolley.  This is a sure win for kids of all ages. Hop on or off along the line for a massage, ghost hunting, gossiping with sea lions, or stocking up on Oregon Pinot or local beer and smoked salmon.

Learn about indigenous tribes at the Heritage Museum, then head to a glassblowing demonstration. Choose some locally-harvested yarn after your visit to an artisan bakery.  When the trolley ride ends, watch trees breathe mist into the sky as you sip a flight of NW microbrews during the Fisher Poet’s Gathering. There’s so much to enjoy!

Interested in visiting Astoria? Contact our friendly and knowledgeable agents, who can help you plan an exciting trip that stops at this wondrous seaside town.