Major anniversaries that may impact travel plans

Sometimes a surprise is a good thing. Sometimes, it can be an inconvenience. When traveling you may be delighted coming across a parade or special occasion being celebrated in towns where you are visiting. Or perhaps you would love to tie in a cruise vacation with a big event happening in the area you are headed to. Perhaps you don’t want to be in Paris during the Summer Olympics with extra crowds. Perhaps you do. It is up to you, but being forewarned is a good thing. Here are a few big events we found you may want to consider:


Vicksburg, Mississippi – 160th Anniversary of the Battle of Vicksburg – May 18 (1963)

Seattle, WA – MLB All Star Games week July 7 – July 11

Port Canaveral, Florida – 65th Anniversary of NASA – July 29 (1958)

Paris, France – 230th anniversary of the opening of the Louvre – August 10 (1793)

Washington, DC – 60th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” – speech August 28 (1963)

London, UK – King Charles III will be crowned in a ceremony May 6

Boston, MA – The annual Boston Marathon will be held April 17, 2023

New York City – the Annual New York City Marathon will be held on November 5, 2023

Washington, DC or Boston, MA – the 60th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy – November 22 (1963)

Boston, Mass – the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party – December 16 (1773)

Washington, DC – the 100th anniversary of the National Christmas Tree – December 24 (1923)

Portland, Oregon – The annual Grand Floral Parade – June 10

Portland, Oregon – The annual Blues Festival – July 1-4

New Orleans, LA – The annual big Jazz Festival – April 28 – May 7

Seattle, WA – The annual Bumbershoot Art Festival – September 2-3


Dublin, Ireland: May 22 UEFA European League Finals

Paris, France: July 26 – August 11 – The Summer Olympic games

Paris, France: August 28 – September 8 – Summer Paralympic Games

Normandy, France: May 29 – June 8 – D-Day 80th Anniversary commemoration

Boston, MA – the  Annual Boston Marathon will be held April 15, 2024

New York City – the Annual New York City Marathon will be held on November 3, 2024

New Orleans, LA – Mardi Gras celebrations begin several weeks prior, and end with Mardi Gras on February 13, 2024. Look for big parades the weekend prior all over Louisiana. The date varies year to year.