Fiji, one of the most popular cruise destinations in the South Pacific and an island of rare beauty and culture, was hit last weekend by fatal Tropical Cyclone Winston. Sustained winds up to 185 mph hit the islands, making it the second strongest cyclone in recorded history to make landfall. There is an urgent need for resources in the villages, and you can make a donation to help.

Turtle Island, a neighboring island that was not hit, has pledged FJD$20,000 and pre-ordered FJD$50,000 of supplies anticipating donations to help cover the costs. These funds will be used to charter a barge of supplies to bring 30 days of essential food items and basic necessities to 11 villages and 1 settlement. Hopefully this will cover time need to replant crops and rebuilt their homes. Any additional funds will be used to fix damages to local infrastructure, like plumbing or electricity.

If you’d like to help the people of Fiji as they recover from Cyclone Winston, please donate now.

Cyclone Winston