Christening Ceremonies

Want to step back in time? Board the S.S. Legacy for a heritage cruise in Alaska or on the Columbia River for 2014. The crew aboard the Legacy have come up with a unique way to relive the history of the region – and it will always take you by surprise! As USAToday’s Gene Sloan reported this week, outlaws and mounties will walk amongst you, telling tales and waving pistols as they reenact local history around you. In Alaska, meet the historical figure John Muir – a naturalist and conservationist who co-founded the Sierra Club and is considered the “Father of the National Parks.” Cruise

Take a load off in the Pesky Barnacle Saloon, the wild west beer and whiskey bar located onboard the Legacy. Help yourself to any of the whiskeys on the wall, or one of the beers on tap, while you play some cards.

Check out the article by Sloan below. And be sure to look at the picture of the Legacy side-by-side with a big ship – when I call the big ships ‘floating cities’, I mean it.  Read USAToday Article