The Ocean Victory’s Inaugural Voyage

American Queen Voyages newest addition to their fleet is the Ocean Victory. Sailing the Alaskan coastline the summer of 2022, it set sail out of Vancouver, B.C. in May on its first visit to the pristine waters off southern Alaska. Onboard, guests will be enjoying the elegant interior with fine dining and white tablecloths, the grand piano playing in the lounge, and the sounds of wine glasses clinking.  But this cruise is much more than a social event. Guests will have the opportunity to return not only refreshed, but energized and enriched. The Ocean Victory’s goal is to aid guests in understanding the environment they will see.  There will be onboard guest lecturers covering fascinating topics regarding the local wildlife, the changing environment, and local indigenous tribal cultures. The ship was built with the sensitive environment in which it will travel in mind. The unique X-bow design is exceptionally quiet and stable. Efforts have been made to keep the ship as eco-friendly as possible.

Guests will be able to choose just how busy or laid back they desire to be during their vacation. Crews are there to help guests with scientific research including the use of underwater microphones to listen for the sounds of whale songs (did you know it is only the males that sing?) or perhaps collect water samples and study them under microscopes.  Guests can take advantage of the onboard telescopes and binoculars to be found seemingly everywhere. The unique ship offers a chance to step out onto the extended deck that juts out over the water and enjoy a spectacular view.

There are so many benefits to taking a small ship cruise – you’ll really have the opportunity for hands-on experiences with exceptional personal attention from the experienced crew. With only 186 guests on board, you will be spoiled for personal service. Get out on a zodiak – a soft-sided motorized boat that holds about 10 people – with the trained and licensed captain guiding you to within a respectable distance of the glaciers and wildlife.  The ship has an extensive “mud room” where guests will be fitted with life vests and waterproof shoes if needed. They carefully guide you into the zodiak, then take you on an exciting ride.  Upon return, guests are greeted with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate.

Combining the best of both worlds, the Ocean Victory has something for everyone. If you are looking to relax and read a book while on vacation, or are ready to be out on the water up close to a glacier or spying on bears and whales, there is time for both.  Shore excursions will let you experience the local cultures and feel the unique environment that is Alaska.  The entertainment on board will bring the local culture on board as well, with local musicians and guest speakers.  This is immersive vacationing.  You will come home enriched.

ocean victory deck plan

Enjoy a vacation aboard the new Ocean Victory: