Booking with a travel agent means having someone in your corner if something on your vacation goes wrong. But having a Group Leader traveling with you means having someone by your side! That’s why our groups have always been so popular. We try to arrange all the necessities, and leave you room to enjoy your own spontaneous adventures! We choose our own group destinations, and invite all our clients to join us, but you can also create your own group trips. Do you have 10+ people who want to cruise together? We can help with that! Request more information from our agents.

Norway 2013 "Hunting the Light"Our most experienced group leader, Mary, is heading to Norway this year! If you’ve always wanted to go, take this opportunity to book a cabin with Mary! You don’t have to make the journey by yourself. Traveling overseas can make people anxious. By joining our group, you’ll instantly have friends to eat with, take pictures with, go on tours with, and more. Plus Mary’s put together a larger itinerary that’s already planned for you – hotels, train trip, and the cruise. All you have to do is call: 800-578-1479!

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