We’ve gathered some of the GREAT things our wonderful clients are saying about our service as a leader in the travel industry!

“Loved working with Cindy and all of the staff at USA River Cruises. They are in the business of making your travel dreams come true. They do it all while you sit back and enjoy an adventure planned just for you. I have used their services for nine trips in the past nine years and already have a trip being planned for 2018 (and thinking about 2019 and 2020).” -Heidi G.

“USA River Cruises has arranged 14 cruises for us, both in the US and on rivers in Europe, as well as two ocean cruises on the new Viking ships. Cindy and her associates always make excellent arrangements for us so every trip has been great. We have recommended USA River Cruises to many of our friends who also sing their praises. We definitely give them a 5 star rating.” -Cynthia B.

“USA River Cruises has booked 8 trips for us! They gave us the courage and support we needed to see more of the world than we ever dreamed we’d see. I can’t speak highly enough of them. They focused on us: our interests, our life styles, our budgets, our insecurities, and found some wonderful opportunities for us. Our traveling days are probably over, but the photos and the memories have become a big part of our lives. Thank you Cindy!” -Kay K.

“Great company great people we have booked many trips with USA River Cruises and have had exceptional experiences on all of them. Cindy Anderson and her staff are a pleasure to deal with and always ready to help to the best of their ability. We will continue to do our future bookings through them.”  -Kay R.

“We had the time of our lives. Cindy and Sue let Charlie get another item crossed off his bucket list. Ours was an amazing cruise filled with delectable food, eye-opening side trips, awesome new friends, attentive service, enjoyable entertainment, magnificent river views, a wide array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic free drinks which all added up as a week in Utopia that no one seemed to want to end. We found a group of eight people with which we immediately bonded at our first lunch and ate almost all of our meals together especially fun, Oh our meals! Salmon and steak and shrimp oh my! My favorites were the baked crispy chicken and fried green tomatoes. Desserts? Yes that too. How about pecan bourbon pie or layers and layers of chocolate in one cake. My husband got any kind of beer or wine he asked for– at no cost. Breakfast was made to order as well as a pastry and parfait and fruit bar. There was room service too. There was a daily cocktail hour with any kind of hors d’oeuvre one would want. I loved the baked Brie with vegetables. My husband loved the garlic shrimp. Every night was different.
We had one complimentary trip each day. We visited three plantations each with its own focal point. One gave us FREE mint juleps. We also visited the Vicksburg battlefield and the WWII museum.
Yes, there was nightly entertainment with root beer floats, sundaes, and drinks. The entertainment usually revolved around music and laughter. Afternoons had lectures about the area as well as tea time. The lounges always had soda, snacks, and cookies available. Everything aboard ship was free.
There was a beautiful library across from us. Books and magazines were abundant around the ship. The lounges were peaceful and beautiful. People read, socialized, relaxed, and used the stationary bikes there. I loved our private deck for watching the views go by, change, or otherwise entice.
After celebrating a new friend’s birthday the last evening, we all hugged and said we did not want it to end.” -Terry R.

“We are working with USA River Cruises and been completely satisfied to date.”  -Robert S.