River and bridges

The Danube is a beautiful river – the second-longest river in Europe! Our clients love cruising on the Danube, and all the European rivers… just not this month. The Dabune River has flooded, crashing through levees and flooding the streets. The Rhine has also flooded.


Yes, water is powerful. That’s part of the glorious nature of river cruising – seeing the natural wonders formed by the power of the water. And while we can never predict when a river will flood or a region will have a drought, you could try booking your cruises according to the seasons. Think about the local environment and weather. If you want to travel June thru August, consider those northern regions that would be too cold the rest of the year but just right in summer (Alaska, Great Lakes, New England, Arctic). Perhaps stay away from hurricane regions during hurricane season. Of course, sometimes you just don’t know, and get surprised by the weather.


But do not write off Europe as a cruise destination. Not only are the local economies suffering from the flood, but they’re also suffering because they’re not getting the business they normally would from the river cruises. River cruises support local economies by buying locally-sourced food to create regional cuisine, passengers become patrons of local shops, museums, galleries, and even street vendors! Water is powerful, but that does not mean it scares us away from a river cruise.


Of course, you can book any cruise you want, any time its offered. Just remember: water is powerful.

And maybe you should get travel insurance… 😉