grandfather-on-beach-grandkidsIf you’re a grandparent looking for an unforgettable trip for your grandkids, a cruise can be a wonderful option. One of the simplest travel options for kids, cruises offer multiple opportunities for family togetherness and adventure. The following helpful tips will make your trip the very best for all involved!

Tip #1: Get the Grandkids Involved in the Trip Planning!

Once you decide on your destination, encourage your grandkids to read age-appropriate books or watch documentaries on your destination so they can get excited about their upcoming adventure. For example, if you’re traveling to Hawaii, look for library books on animals that are native to the area or feature the history of the Hawaiian Islands. Give them input on some of the off-shore excursions that they could take, show them what the inside of the ship looks like, and let them pick some on-board cruise activities that they might like to attend.

Tip #2: Establish Ground Rules.

Traveling with family can be tricky, especially when young kids are involved. You and their parents, if attending, will need to be extra cautious and establish ground rules right away. Make sure that your younger grandkids know that they cannot wander the ship and explore alone. Also, consider talking to their parents about any other restrictions or requests that they may have while you are in charge. Maintaining as much continuity with rules they follow at home as possible, while indulging them as only grandparents can, will help create a safe and enjoyable bonding experience.

Tip #3: Plan Ahead

Before you head to the airport or step foot on the ship, be sure you have a notarized letter authorizing you as their guardian, if their parents are not also attending. In case there are any unforeseen events, you will need to be authorized to travel with the kids and make decisions on their behalf. In addition, find out right away if you can book adjoining rooms on the ship, if you do not plan to share a room. This is not only convenient, but allows you to keep a closer eye on the little ones, while allowing older kids their privacy.
Most of all, have fun! Traveling with your grandkids can be an incredible adventure full of surprises and formative moments that your young ones will treasure for a lifetime.
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