If you’ve ever felt enamored with a place you weren’t able to visit, Cuba may have been on your travel wish list for quite awhile. Closed to American travelers for over 50 years, Cuba has now opened its doors!

What are your reasons for wanting to visit this stunning locale? Of the many reasons to visit, the following are what we find most compelling!

1. The architecture: Cuba, particularly Havana, is known for its colonial architecture, historic churches, and five gorgeous, sprawling plazas. Stroll among these feats of human skill and embrace a deep sense of wonder at what human hands have created.

2. The food: With influences drawn from Native American Taino, Spanish, Caribbean, and African cuisines, Cuban food is a delight to all five senses. Consisting of rice and beans, meats, root vegetables, and a wide array of spices, you’re sure to find something delicious among the many dishes available.

3. The music: Steeped deeply in the tradition of Rhumba, Afro-Cuban Jazz, Salsa, Soukous, and Spanish fusion genres like flamenco, Cuban music is as surprising as it is rhythmic and sweet. Enjoy these unique beats and melodies in a bar, dance club, or even on the street. After all, spontaneous musical experiences are part and parcel of the Cuban experience.

4. The history: Maria La Gorda is known for not only unique fauna and flora, but over 100 archaeological sites connected to indigenous peoples. In addition, wherever you travel in Cuba, you’re bound to be inspired by organically vintage touches, including classic cars and stunning architecture fashioned long ago.

5. The adventure: Visiting a country unexplored by the majority of Americans is thrilling! The mere fact that Cuba has recently opened its doors after 50 years of seclusion is reason enough to book a trip now. Take pictures of charming streets and colorful murals hidden from view for decades. Relish your newfound freedom to enter this place of untapped wonder. A new adventure lies around every corner.

If you’re seeking the trip of a lifetime, a unique journey still new to Americans, look no further than Cuba. This one-of-a-kind locale beckons, and all you need do is reach out to one of our friendly agents. They’ll guide you through each step in the booking process, and can also help schedule your hotel and flights, depending on your needs.

If you’re looking for a full-service experience, our capable agents are ready to help. Begin your journey to Cuba with a positive booking experience – contact USA River Cruises today!