cruise tips

Are you prepping for a cruise soon? Not sure what to bring or how to get ready?

Here’s a list of some things you may overlook and that will make your journey so much easier. From prepping your home for your absence, to items you’ll want to tag along with you, this list is a great go-to for thriving on your trip, and returning home happy!

1. Leave a clean house: While cleaning up before you leave on top of everything else you have to do can be a hassle, it is more than worth it to come home without having a list of chores to complete! Returning from a relaxing vacation and extensive travel to a clean home will make all the difference. Also, look into laundry service options on your cruise. If you can have your clothes cleaned aboard, that’s an added bonus of not having to double up on laundry upon your return! You can also plan ahead by bringing your own travel-sized delicate wash packets to at least clean saltwater from bathing suits in your cabin’s sink.

2.  Know your body and plan accordingly: Cruise ships are not exempt from the effects of choppy waters, and nothing can rob your travel joy faster than nausea. If you tend to get motion sick, don’t wait for the boat to start rocking to take medication.  There are many different options out there; from dissolvable tablets, to behind-the-ear patches. Be sure to research and bring which ever will work best for you to ward off sea-sickness.

3. Download your must-have apps BEFORE leaving home: Whether you want to stay connected via Social Media while you’re away, or you plan to lay out on the deck with a good iBook, make sure you’ve handled all downloading and uploading while you are at home on your dependable internet connection. You never know what online access will be like when you’re out to sea!


4. Low Denomination Bills: Make sure you don’t just grab $20 bills from the ATM, but also grab some low denomination bills ($1, $5, $10), they will come in handy for any tipping necessary.

5. Multi-Outlet Power Strip/Surge Protector: If you love your electronics and hate to leave them at home, you will find a power strip especially handy for charging all of your devices. Between your cell phones, iPods, iPads, eReaders, tablets, lap tops, digital cameras, waterproof digital cameras, (etc.! etc.!), outlets in the cabins can be limited. Bring a power strip, and you’ll be good to go!

6. Water Shoes: If your port explorations include any areas that are rocky, or any kind of climbing of falls, you will be glad you have them! Spare your poor feet any jagged trauma, and even though some places offer water shoe rentals, save money by packing your own.

7. Waterproof Digital Camera: Now that you have a power strip to charge one with, this little gem is a great investment for your trip. If you plan to do any snorkeling or diving, having one of these will provide for much more beautiful photos than a disposable one, and you’ll be happy to have such clear memories from your adventures!

8. Hanging Toiletry Kit: This tip is KEY for packing for a cruise. While counter space in your cabin can be at a premium on many ships, the space that you do have available can be risky due to ship movement. Most cabins come equipped with an ample supply of hooks, so utilize them to the fullest by maximizing your space with a hanging toiletry kit. You can also use over-the-door shoe organizers and compartmentalize things like flip-flops, electronics, lanyards, etc. It’s a great way to secure your belongings and keep things off the floor and organized.

9. Shopping Bag: One of the best things about cruising is the new places you’ll visit on shore! Bring a collapsible tote bag to bring your found treasures back to the ship. Souvenirs of your trip are a must, so be well equipped to shop ’til you drop!

We hope this list will help you prepare for your cruise adventure! And if you have any tips of your own, please share in the comments! And if you don’t have a cruise planned yet, what are you waiting for?! Give us a call and Imagine the Journey…(800) 578-1479