RHINEI posted earlier in the year about how Viking River Cruises set a world record for christening the most boats at one time: 10. Well, it seems they were just getting started. Viking has now announced that they will be putting 14 new ships on European rivers in 2014. 14! They say they’re just trying to keep up with demand, but 14? Are they making new rivers in Europe for all these ships to go on? European ports already get a little crowded, and sometimes you have to cross through other ships to get to town – one ship docks at the port, and other ships tie up to that ship… it gets interesting. But Viking says their spring and summer cruises were almost completely full, and they’ve had record sales for the Christmas Markets cruises during the holidays. So we can hope that there is space available for you on the cruise and departure date of your choice, given all this extra space they’re creating with the new ships. Although I’ve looked at their schedule, and they have sold out cabin categories through December 2014. Meanwhile, Europe needs to watch the rivers – the Vikings are invading!

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