6_legacy_reenactmentsOne cruise line has developed a new way to see the world: living history! The S.S. Legacy is fully immersing the ship, crew and passengers in the heritage of the Pacific Northwest region. When they refurbished this newly acquired ship, they wanted to re-create a turn-of-the-century steamer that could properly transport you back in time. The Pesky Barnacle Saloon is a great place to have a drink and play some cardsHeritage crew, while interacting with historical figures that come and go in such a natural way that you’ll be searching for the onboard time machine. Nautical history is abundant, naturally, as you learn about the development of water travel on the West Coast, as well as the locks of the Columbia Gorge. Learn about natural history as you view local sights like Alaskan glaciers or Hells Canyon – the deepest river gorge in North America. And don’t forget about the abundance of human history in the region – the layering of Native cultures, Russian, Canadian and American settlers in Alaska, Canadian and American settlers on the Columbia River, ak_native_drumming_demonstrationsand modern cultures create amazing opportunities for local historians and interpretive staff to bring-to-life history that we know and something new to learn! Onboard ‘guests’ could include Teddy Roosevelt, founder of the National Park Service that we all love for preserving our nation’s natural wonders, or Eliza Scidmore, who was the first female board member of the National Geographic Society! Or maybe you’ll be playing cards in the Pesky Barnacle, when John Muir will come in to tell you about his new venture, the Sierra Club! Would you rather hear a lecture about John Muir, or have a drink with him?14_muir_and_roosevelt_restored THAT’S the difference with the Heritage cruises.  Bring the history to life – interact with the figures that made the region what it is today, and then get off the ship and explore!