We are USA River Cruises. We proudly sell the river boats and small ships that travel the waters of America. That includes ships in the Great Lakes, New England and all along the East Coast, up and down the Mississippi River, the Columbia and Snake Rivers, the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound, Alaska and Hawaii! Yes, we also love to sell train packages and international cruises. But the heart of our business is celebrating these great ships that cruise our own waterways.

To us, river cruising is not a trend. We have been passionately selling river cruises and small ship cruises for years. Most people are just now learning about it, thanks to the marketing efforts of some cruise lines. But we have been faithful to the small ship cruise industry for more than a decade.

We are a travel agency, not the cruise line. We cannot control what the cruise line does. But we try to research the companies as best we can to make sure that the product we’re selling will be a positive experience for all of our clients. We have established relationships with the companies that we use over many years, so that we can offer our clients the best possible prices. And repeat clients are eligible for even more discounts! Also, because we are a travel agency, our agents will be looking out for your best interests – if a problem arises with your trip, our agents will make their best effort to help. This is made easier if you purchase travel insurance. We always suggest you buy travel insurance! Anything can happen, and it’s great to have for your peace of mind.

USARiverCruisesLOGO - smallWhen you call USA River Cruises, we answer. We are not a call center – we want to talk to you! So whether you’re trying to decide where to go, or you’re ready to book, give one of our agents a call:


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