There is a new website that helps match you with amazing vacation ideas, telling you where you should visit in your lifetime. It’s like the website is giving me ideas for my Bucket List – so helpful! My list was fascinating, and definitely got me thinking about what’s out there in the world to see!

In 5 years, I’m supposed to visit Western Hudson’s Bay, Canada. It’s home to glaciers, polar bears, and other cultures like Inuit and Cree First Peoples. While this particular destination doesn’t intrigue me, it did remind me that I do want to take one of the Polar Bear cruises in Iceland someday! (There are other parts of Canada I would like to see, though!)

In 10 years, the website suggests Bocas del Toro, Panama! How amazing would it be to visit Panama? I really want to see Central America – the Caribbean coastline, with its sparkling blue waters and sandy beaches… sounds perfect on this cold wintry day!

Yosemite to DenaliIn 2038 (does anyone plan out this far?), I may visit Yosemite National Park. I always get excited to see National Parks, because these are the spots where people have said they will work hard to preserve what the region looks like without human intervention – exactly what it is supposed to be! A train trip through the region would be amazing, especially one of the trips that takes you through more than one park.

In 2043 (that’s in 30 years…) I should visit Moscow, the capital of Russia. I do LOVE the pictures that I see for the Russian cruises on the Volga-Baltic Waterway. Take in the sights between Moscow and St. Petersburg… what a dream vacation!

Other suggested destinations included Puerto Rico, New York, Halong Bay, Transylvania, Trans-Siberian Railway, Yemen, and more. I will definitely take these suggestions under advisement, because there is so much of the world left for me to see! But I don’t think I’ll wait until the end of my life to visit them all. Let’s go now!