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Our team at USA River Cruises is proud to work with reputable travel agents to assist them in booking their clients on a wonderful small ship cruise. The travel industry is always changing, so we value the hard work of each travel agent we work with; we know all the details of planning a trip that goes into each booking. We pay commission and are happy to answer questions about our cruises, so you can find the best destination and specific cruise for your clients and their unique lifestyle. We can also speak directly to your clients about the variety of small ship cruises we offer so they can determine which one is best for them. Then, we will encourage them to work directly with you to coordinate the various details.  

We value cruise travel agents because:

  • You help answer information that clients may not know about
  • You have hands on experience dealing with the sometimes-confusing details of booking a trip
  • You provide troubleshooting on common travel hiccups that can happen
  • You will come up with an itinerary, so clients don’t have to
  • You save clients significant amount of time, so they can get to their destination faster
  • You are focused on the client’s best interest and want to right trip that matches the client’s lifestyle 

Working with a professional travel agent has many benefits and we understand that many of our clients have recognized the importance of talking to a professional before booking their next vacation. If you are a travel agent looking to learn more about the variety of exceptional cruises we offer, we are standing by to answer any questions you may have. Once you understand the outstanding amenities and features that our cruises offer, we believe you will be able to find the perfect trip option for your clients. Contact us today for information on destinations, prices, and itinerary choices!