Alaska Yacht Cruise: An Adventure In Splendor And Rugged Paradise

Ready for a true Alaska yacht cruise vacation? We always recommend the smallest boats possible in Alaska, because you have the greatest opportunity for adventure!

For example, aboard the wonderful Northern Dream, you’ll enjoy fantastic cuisine and make fast friends. That’s because there are only six passengers on board!

Will there be fishing? Yes!

Will there be sea kayaking? Yes!

Will there be wildlife watching? Oh, yes!

It’s Alaska adventure cruising at its finest. But our Alaska charters are not “one size fits all.” You’ll be able to enjoy your time aboard as you see fit.

Plus, since we run a tight but small ship and carry such a small group of passengers, you won’t ever feel rushed or herded along as is unfortunately and far too often the case aboard larger boat carriers. Just relax and enjoy your week with us aboard the Northern Dream — essentially your private yacht — for an amazing Alaska cruise adventure.

The beauty of Alaska is renowned. One look at the outstanding glaciers and wildlife; its national parks; a glimpse of the natural wonders that comprise the innumerable islands of Southeast Alaska; or a trek across the bountiful depths of Prince William Sound, and you’ll know why.

Our Alaska Yacht Cruise takes place over seven days and six nights. And with several dates still available this year, you can choose the best time for you.

About the Northern Dream

The MV Northern Dream is a 65-foot Sea Ranger motor yacht. On the Alaska Yacht Cruise, it provides an extraordinary amount of comfort and service for a small group of passengers. (Typically just three couples!)

The Northern Dream’s staterooms are well-appointed with queen-sized beds, private bathrooms, televisions, and DVD players with more than 130 movies to choose from. The boat itself is spacious, featuring full walkaround decks and a front-view seating area forward of the pilothouse.

Inside, the views outside the large windows are amazing! And the food … ? Well, let’s just say you’ll probably tell everyone you know about the food. Our staff includes a professionally trained chef who prepares all the meals aboard the vessel.

Don’t delay! Contact USA River Cruises to inquire about your own Alaska Yacht Cruise today!

Some cruise dates are Juneau round-trip, or Sitka to Juneau.

Cruise Details

Clock7 Days & 6 Nights

Double Occupancy from $4,495 pp/do*

CalendarAugust 6, 2023

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*Per person/double occupancy. Special single rates apply where listed. Excludes port fees.
Itineraries may operate in reverse.

Your Itinerary

    1Embark in Juneau
    After departing Juneau, we'll head straight to Swanson Harbor to anchor overnight. Try out the kayaks around the harbor!

    You’re in luck! The Captain is taking us to one of his favorite halibut holes! After we've caught our limit of halibut, we'll visit the Indian village of Hoonah. Make your own adventure in Hoonah — chat with a carver as he works on a totem pole or canoe, or try out the largest zipline in North America!

    3Tenakee Springs
    The halibut we caught in Hoonah? We're sending them to Juneau. They'll be processed and shipped to your front door. In the meantime, we'll be heading out to Tenakee Springs in search of humpback and orca whales! Tenakee Springs is a bush town, population 50 (give or take). As our guest, you’ll take a walking tour of the unique cabins, the general store, and the local bakery. Long story short: This is not a place you'll ever get to see aboard other ships.

    4Baranof Hot Springs
    This trip just gets better and better. Hot fresh cinnamon rolls from the local bakery for breakfast? Yes, please! Then we'll head over to check our Dungeness crab pots. (You can help pull the crab pots if you like!) We often catch 20 or more large male Dungeness crabs. Next, we'll head towards Baranof Hot Springs. Be sure to watch for whales and porpoises on the way. It's a one-mile hike to the hot springs, and they’re located next to a rushing whitewater river. What other charter yacht takes you on this kind of up-close and personal adventure?

    5Portage Bay
    Across Frederick Sound, we'll anchor in Portage Bay, which is absolutely perfect for kayaking. In late July or early August, we can also fish for salmon in the streams.

    6Leconte Glacier
    Perhaps the most spectacular and awe-inspiring day of the trip. We’re going to get as close to LeConte glacier as possible. (You'll know we're getting close as we pass by floating chunks of ice.) When we get in position, we'll turn the engines off. We'll all be standing outside, holding our breath, while we listen to the glacier crack and pop with each calve! Perhaps we’ll even see the awesome "shooter" iceberg in action — when enormous pieces of the iceberg shoot out of the water! Afterward, we'll overnight in the harbor at Petersburg.

    7Disembark in Petersburg
    Finally, you’ll enjoy breakfast and take some time to wander in the Norwegian fishing town of Petersburg. You'll depart the Northern Dream at noon.

Cabin Categories

Cabin Single Price Double Price
Starboard Cabin$4,495 pp
Port Side Cabin$4,495 pp
Master Suite$4,995 pp

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*Prices may vary due to seasonality

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Alaska Yacht Cruise: An Adventure In Splendor And Rugged Paradise

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