Central America — a land of beauty, enchantment, excitement, and intrigue.

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How wonderful it is for those of us who have a touch of wanderlust to have this diverse land of sights, sounds, and experiences in such close proximity to us.

With USA River Cruises, the world has never been so tantalizingly near to us!

Our cruises through Central America feature perhaps the most adventure-packed itinerary of all our offerings. From Mexico to the Belize Barrier Reef and beyond — Costa Rica, Honduras, and the Panama Canal!

When you’re aboard one of our luxury cruises, everything is taken care of for you. The only thing you need concern yourself with is which activities you’d like to participate in that day.

Will it be “Fish Tales and Mayan Trails” across southern Mexico — long-day excursions featuring mouthwatering cuisine, ancient ruins and jungle trails that plunge visitors into the depths of history?

Perhaps something else is more your style …

Maybe you’ve got the wintry northern blues and would prefer to trade those chilly blues for the warm blues of Panamanian waters — 12 days filled with culture, white sand beaches, glass-bottomed boats, and more adventure than you can shake a snorkel at.

Point is: If you can dream it, USA River Cruises can make it a reality.

Consider a few “Unveiled Wonders,” our spectacular cruise through Costa Rica and Panama. Jungles, volcanic geography, amazing beaches, and so much wildlife — sloths, toucans, iguanas, whales, just to name a few.

Witness the spectacular Curu National Wildlife Refuge and traipse alongside monkeys and deer. Slide into the warm turquoise waters near Isla Tortuga and paddleboard your way to bliss!

These are the perfect cruises for those who want to snooze, too. All our trips are relaxing and all-inclusive; you only have to think about how best to rest!

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Longitudinal World Cruise IV

Milwaukee, WI to Ushuaia, Argentina

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