Our Galápagos trip not only takes you to the wild, enchanting, ocean-thrashed shores of the world-famous islands, it also features time to explore and familiarize yourself with two of the world’s most vibrant cities: Quito and Guayaquil, Ecuador.

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In Quito, you’ll enjoy two nights in this beautiful, high-elevation world city. Quito’s colonial city center, in fact, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Afterward, you’ll be flown to Isla Baltra, your starting point for Galápagos adventure. Isla Baltra, a flat and arid place, is covered with prickly pear cactus and palo santo trees.

From there, you’ll begin exploring this wild wonderland aboard La Pinta. View marine life from glass-bottomed boats or snorkel in the shadows of ancient cliffs. You’ll visit the Charles Darwin Research Station in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz island. You’ll see nesting birds and wildlife found nowhere else on earth as you explore the extraordinary sights of the Galapagos.

As for your Galápagos itinerary … we’ve packed so much adventure into this trip, that the memories will last a lifetime.

Consider Isla Seymour Norte, where you’ll get up close and personal with blue-footed boobies and frigatebirds. Hiking and/or panga riding are also on the list of things to do.

Or think about Isla Isabela and Isla Fernandina, a geologic treasure filled with flightless cormorants. Take your time exploring! Or take a dip into the ocean to search for sea turtles. On Fernandina, you can hike an active volcano and stand just feet away from iguanas and Galápagos penguins.

That’s not all, though. USA River Cruises wants you to experience the Galápagos Islands from the water. Take in Tagus Cove, where whales and dolphins parade through the Bolivar Channel. Then hike down Darwin Crater to an amazing saltwater lake to see firsthand the record of whalers and pirates who etched their names into the sun-soaked rocks.

Contact USA River Cruises for more details. (And there are a lot more details!)

Darwin’s Discoveries: The Galapagos Islands

Roundtrip Guayaquil

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