There’s so much we know about Tahiti — and yet, there’s still something wonderfully mysterious about that faraway island in the Windward group of French Polynesia.

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Covered in black sand beaches, ancient temples, mountains, petroglyphs and wild coastlines surrounded by coral reefs, our Tahitian trips are truly the stuff of dreams and lasting memory (sometimes intertwined and indistinguishable).

Tahiti is the cultural center of French Polynesia. Originally settled by Polynesians beginning around the year 300, it emerged from the sea in the long forgotten days of yesteryear due to volcanic activity.

One look at these secluded isles and you’ll know why so many people are drawn to their dark crescent beaches. The island is located in a remote archipelago of the Society Islands in the South Pacific and is divided into two parts: the larger Tahiti Nui and the smaller Tahiti Iti. The island was formed from volcanic activity and is high and mountainous with surrounding coral reefs.

USA River Cruises offers several trips to Tahiti and the surrounding islands. For example, our Society Islands & Tahiti Iti Cruise features the following stops along the way:

Papeete, Society Islands
Huahine, Society Islands
Taha’a, Society Islands
Bora Bora<
Moorea, Society Islands
Vairao, Tahiti Iti

As if that weren’t enough, we also offer a two-week excursion as part of our Marquesas, Tuamotus & Society Islands Cruise. The itinerary for that trip is just as monumental. You’ll first call on Bora Bora. Next, it’s on to the Tuamotus, specifically Fakarava, an atoll known for its pristine beaches, rare wildlife, and extraordinary diving sites. You’ll also explore the Marquesas, where you’ll be enchanted by the islands of Fatu Hiva, Hiva Oa, Ua Huka, and Nuku Hiva. Witness waterfalls, wild stallions, tiki sculptures, and more. And that’s just a glimpse.

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Society Islands & Taumotas-10 Night Cruise

Roundtrip Papeete, Tahiti

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