Columbia River Gorge

Things to Do


Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge (Photo Op)

When the John Day Dam was built, important habitat was lost from flooding. So the wetlands of Umatilla were set aside to be home for local birds.


Cold Springs National Wildlife Refuge and Reservoir (Photo Op)

The Refuge is 3117 acres of oasis for local wildlife. Restoration of habitat is of primal concern so that the refuge can support local birds, as well as deer and elk. The reservoir was created by a dam built in 1908, and the land and wetlands were immediately set aside as a preserve for local birds by President Theodore Roosevelt.


McNary Dam (Photo Op)

The McNary Dam crosses the entire Columbia River. There is a park, and the river above and below the Dam is open for water recreation. Explore the Pacific Salmon Visitor Information Center, the Oregon Fishview room, and the McNary Powerhouse Display Gallery.


Places to Eat


C&D Drive In $ Recommended by a local!

Home of the Bozo Burger, C&D is in Boardman – just a short drive west of Umatilla. When you’re ready for a simply good burger, onion rings and milkshake, this is your stop! Open 6am-9pm, Tuesday thru Saturday.

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