Columbia River Gorge and Snake River Area

Things to Do


Bright’s Candies

This local confectioner has been in business since 1934. They continue to use old-fashioned, traditional processes to create gourmet chocolates and candy treats. Peer through the viewing windows to watch the masters at work! Buy a treat for the afternoon, or ship some to your friends (or yourself…)


Museum of Un-Natural History

The art museum for the surrealist (or comedian) in your life. This artist-operated gallery is not for the faint of heart, but will definitely incite an opinion. Open Saturdays or by appointment. Plan and call ahead to explore the museum while in port.


Historic Sites Recommended by a local!

Frenchtown: The 57-acre site preserves the location of the 1855 Battle of Walla Walla, the 1876 Mission and Cemetery established on the battlefield, and old Frenchtown in Walla Walla Valley. Open daily, sunrise to sunset.

Whitman Mission: The site of the original Whitman Mission, and location of the Whitman massacre in 1847. Open daily 8am-4:30pm.

Fort Walla Walla: Fort Walla Walla was established by soldiers in 1856 – the Whitman Mission had made Walla Walla a stopping point for settlers and fur traders. The museum is home to more than 45,000 artifacts and photographs and a Living History series. The park is 15 acres, just a portion of the original 640 acres. There are exhibit halls, a pioneer village, and an early military cemetery next to the grounds. Open daily 10am-5pm.


Pioneer Park – Photo Op!! Recommended by a local!

Explore Walla Walla’s oldest park – 58 acres! Visit the Garden Center, exotic bird aviary, the historic bandstand gazebo and more. Walk through flower gardens, along streams and ponds. Take a picnic with you and find a picnic bench to sit and enjoy the park.


Walking Tour of Public Sculpture

A map can be printed from the internet or at the visitor’s center. Discover the 18 art displays throughout the city. A great way to explore the downtown area!

Walla Walla Sweet Onions began as a sweet onion seed on the island of Corsica, brought to Walla Walla by a French soldier over 100 years ago. Their sweetness is due to the fact that these onions have half the sulphur content the standard yellow onions. The region is very proud of their specialty product, but the Walla Walla food scene is more than just onions!


Places to Eat


T. Maccarone’s $$-$$$

This restaurant celebrates Washington wine country, through the lens of the family’s Italian heritage. The chefs proudly serve locally grown organic produce, regional meat, and freshly foraged mushrooms. Ask your server where your delicious meal came from, and they can tell you! Open daily for lunch and dinner.


Whitehouse-Crawford $$-$$$

Their food is locally sourced, and the building is a proud testament to the history of Walla Walla. Originally, the Whitehouse-Crawford was a turn-of-the-century lumber planning mill. When the city planned to sell the building for development, the citizens protested and saved the building. It has been restored, registered locally and nationally as a historic building, and is now home to the Whitehouse-Crawford Restaurant. Keeping with the availability of local ingredients, the restaurant’s menu changes seasonally. They proudly display their list of purveyors, so that you know exactly where your food is coming from. Open for dinner Wednesday thru Monday.


The Garden Vegan Café $

Yes, it’s vegan. It’s also delicious! Local and organic means their menu of sandwiches, soups, rice bowls and more is good and good for you. Great for anyone who needs a special diet, but great for everyone who’s not on a special diet! This is a true taste of Walla Walla. Open for lunch and dinner Monday thru Saturday.


Salumiere Cesario $-$$

Not your average family-run grocer, the Salumiere Cesario features artisan meats, cheeses, oils and herbs, along with specialty beer and wine. Shop their aisles for rare and beautiful ingredients, and explore their walk-in cheese closet. But definitely order from their menu of freshly prepared food. Open in the afternoon daily.


Maple Counter $ Recommended by a local!

This local restaurant is family inspired, being the third generation to own a restaurant. Each morning, the cooks get up early to prepare homemade batters by hand with fresh ingredients. Order freshly squeezed lemonade, orange or grapefruit juice to accompany the from-scratch pancakes, crepes, or omelets. Open Tuesday thru Sunday 7am-3pm.


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