USA River Cruises is pleased to announce a new partnership that should improve the travel experience for our guests: private jet charters!

We’ve worked hard to develop a system in which our cruise groups can reach our ships without having to take commercial flights.

With that goal in mind, we’ve partnered with a private jet charter and flight service company, Private Jet Services. They are a world-class organization that will provide several welcome and helpful travel alternatives for USARC guests.

Private Jet Services

Private Jet Services (PJS) offers customized private aviation solutions to a variety of sophisticated clients on both VIP and regional coach configured aircraft on a global scale. Their services range from shuttling corporations and sports teams to live entertainment — and now cruising guests.

PJS also offers carefully selected aircraft that deliver the highest standards in safety, reliability, and modern amenities all customized to the client’s needs while delivering the best value.

USARC and PJS can assist you with any upcoming travel plans or incentive options that you may be considering. We know that travelers have a choice of air carriers. Few can match the luxury travel from an air charter broker such as PJS, however.

Fly Private Jet Charters

Woman with luggage at airport to illustrate Private Jet Charter USARC Launches New PartnershipPrivate Jet Services is a global aviation consulting firm. They provide on-demand charter services in premium aircraft ranging from small cabin jets to VIP airliners.

Plus, unlike its competitors, PJS has a vast network of dedicated carriers and can also provide concierge services at a moment’s notice.

This means USARC groups can charter these flights and receive unmatched service with no up-front deposit or long-term commitments.

When you fly private jet charters, your group will avoid the hassle of traditional commercial air travel while being treated to world-class service aboard PJS aircraft.

With a jet charter company like PJS assisting our cruise groups, we can collaborate on workable and enjoyable travel solutions for our guests. In fact, private jet charters provide not just solutions but customized options built using a consultancy approach to flying on a private jet.


Our cruises embark and disembark all over the world. This means our guests can consider private jet travel for international travel as well as domestic excursions.

What’s more, PJS has partnered with American Forests, a pioneer in the conservation movement, to implement a reforestation program. This means that 100% of the carbon emissions released by PJS flights will be sequestered. It’s called the PJS Carbon Neutrality Pledge, and it establishes Private Jet Services as America’s first carbon-neutral private aviation company.

USA River Cruises has a passion for cruising — whether that’s in the air or on the water. We are dedicated to providing top-notch customer service and one-of-a-kind cruise excursions.

We’re family-owned, just as we have been since first opening our doors in 1996. Let us help you “Imagine the Journey!” We have more options for travel than ever before. And this new venture with Private Jet Services raises the bar even higher.

There’s a lot to like about our new relationship with this private jet charter. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us today! We look forward to serving you and discussing our new private jet charter services.