At a capacity of just 100 guests, American Liberty offers the best qualities of expedition adventure cruising with the refinement, luxury, stability, and land proximity of river cruising. The design of the ship allows rare access into small ports and ability to travel on almost any river or waterway in the U.S. With land never out of sight, American Liberty is a practical alternative to ocean expeditions, allowing for more time to explore each port in depth.

Relax in one of the spacious staterooms and enjoy the scenic views from your private balcony. Or sit at one of the observation areas and admire the splendid vistas with fellow travelers. If you are feeling adventurous a unique Swim/Activity Platform at the stern of the ship features a tender for local exploration.

A sophisticated aesthetic tailors an onboard atmosphere for American Liberty that evokes a sense of pride and appreciation for U.S. history. The choice of color palettes, furnishings, and artwork will reflect the culture of the New England, Chesapeake Bay, and the Southeast.

The inaugural cruise season of American Liberty begins in the summer of 2024 on select Chesapeake Bay, New England, and Historic South itineraries.


  • 100 guests
  • Inauguration date: 2024
  • 6 common areas
  • 4 decks
  • 56 rooms
  • Class: Coastal Catamaran