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Hurtigruten Ships

Hurtigruten – Norwegian for ‘fast route’ –  has been cruising the coastline of Norway for 121 years. Originally ferrying cargo and mail to the northern extreme cities, now they also ferry people. Visit with locals as they hang out in the cafeteria between ports, and listen for the horn as you pull into a town, informing the villagers whether this ship is headed north or south.

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With their latest ship, the ms Fram, Hurtigruten has expanded their offerings to include polar cruises! Explore the North and South extremes on their explorer voyages, or stay closer to Norway with their coastal voyages.

Hurtigruten has 11 vessels that are continuously running up and down the West coastline of Norway. You can travel from Bergen to Kirkenes 365 days a year. The cruise will always make 34 ports-of-call, but you might not always be aware or awake. Sometimes the stops are short – just enough time to pick up an order of fresh fish, or drop off the mail. Sometimes the stops are in the middle of the night, letting ferry riders off at their destination.


Example ship: MS Midnatsol

The Midnatsol (Midnight Sun)

  • Flag: Norway
  • Year of Construction: 2003
  • Passengers: 1000
  • Beds: 638
  • Car Capacity: 45
  • Service Speed: 15 knots

This is the fourth Hurtigruten ship to bear the name Midnatsol. Sister ship to the MS Trollfjord, both ships have a large, two story panorama lounge above the bow, allowing the natural light to enter in and you to have magnificent views!



(Not representative of all Hurtigruten ships)

Deck Plan marked


The MS Fram was built for cruising the polar extremes of our world. It spends the year cruising from the Arctic, visiting Greenland and Spitsbergen, to the Antarctic.


The MS Fram:Disko Bay Cruise, 26 June - 3 July, 2011

  • Flag: Norway
  • Year of Construction: 2007
  • Passengers: 318
  • Cabins: 127
  • Ice Class: 1A/1B
  • Service Speed: 13 knots


Fram Deck Plan

Photo Credit: Hurtigruten Cruises