The NG Venture cruises expedition explorations in North & Central America. With only 100 passengers, the Venture will provide an intimate cruising experience from Alaska to Baja California. The Venture was built locally on Whidbey Island by Nichols Brothers Boat Builders. The Venture is built with a designated mudroom for expedition gear. The ship also features 6 sets of connecting cabins for families and groups traveling together.

Tools for Expedition:

  • Expedition Landing Craft – 8 boats using two loading stations for quick disembarkment
  • Remotely Operated Vehicle – view the undersea to far out of the range of a scuba diver
  • Kayaks – 24 2-person kayak fleet
  • Underwater Camera – watch for the footage from the undersea specialist swimming in search of the mysterious plants and fish in the cold waters of Alaska and more
  • Video microscope will help you appreciate even the smallest marine organisms
  • Hydrophone – underwater microphone will allow you to listen to the songs of the whales feeding close to the ship
  • Electronic charts showing ship’s location, course and speed on display in the lounge
  • Open bridge – take your morning coffee to the bridge for a chat with the officers
  • Snorkeling gear and wetsuits will be assigned to you for the duration of your cruise on warm weather itineraries so that you don’t need to pack your own gear.

Venture Deck Plan

Venture Deck Plan

Cabin Category color key