“We are experienced travelers who have traveled all around the world. We’ve gone on self-drive tours, expensive bus tours, and on big cruise ships. We’ve seen beautiful sights everywhere, just as we did on our ship the SS Legacy on our Heritage cruise of the Columbia and Snake Rivers on this trip. The scenery was exceptional and the history of the Oregon Trail and Lewis Clark’s adventures were certainly brought to life by our on board historians during the nightly discussions in the beautiful lounge. BUT what made this trip exceptional and unique was the staff who will do anything to help you or please you. On one occasion I was going down the gangway when one of the staff noticed my shoe was untied. She tied it for me! And thereafter, whenever she saw me, she addressed me by name and checked my shoes! That’s some kind of service. Another time I had a bad cut that bled into my shoes and socks, so we asked the medic to come to our stateroom. He gently and carefully cared for the wound. When he was done, he asked whether he could clean my blood-soaked shoe and sock! One night, a bottle of champagne and chocolates appeared in our room, unrequested, the result of a funny conversation with one of the staff. Where would you find service like that on any tour or ship? Only on a USA River Cruise; it’s is, I believe their hallmark and will bring them incredible success and bring great delight to their passengers.

P.S. Did you know that all shore excursions, wine, and liquor are included in the price? Pretty nice, huh? Lou and I are already planning our next USA River Cruise.”

– Elaine

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