Hi Cindy, I wanted to tell you personally how much I enjoyed it.  As of yesterday, I finally put my pictures into a scrapbook; and am having a super time reminiscing about all the wonderful adventures and side trips we went on.  My head is wrapped around Lewis and Clark,  and I am so glad I had read a couple of books on the subject before the trip.

I have just finished reading two books by Andrea Wulf:  The Founding Gardeners and The Brother Gardeners.  The subjects were in and around the same decade as Lewis and Clark and fit right into the history that I am presently finding so fascinating.  I am not an historian, but anything associated with botany, collecting, and identifying is right up my alley.  My grandchildren love the book I purchased on Lewis’ dog, Seaman (and so do I).

I hope to communicate with several other passengers with whom we got along well.  Everyone was so friendly.  Please consider a trip to Roanoke.  Pheasant Ridge is not far from our home.  Again thanks for being so patient with us and organizing our trip to perfection.

My Best,  Carolyn