Dear Chris,

I thank you for the beautiful book about Oregon.  It is a beautiful state and I feel I have enjoyed even more of it after this last riverboat cruise.  You are certainly offering some good discounts to anyone who wants to go.  At this time, I don’t know of anyone, but I will keep the brochure.

There is almost nothing bad I could say about the trip.  It was all very beautiful and I was treated royally.  My single cabin was a great choice.  I had ample space and all the necessities.  The crew was great and when I had one little item to be taken care of in my cabin, it was done almost before I knew it.   The food was without question terrific—too terrific!  Yes we did go to Clatsop.  That was the one thing in the itinerary that pushed me to go on this trip, as I had read so much about Lewis and Clark, that seeing their winter’s headquarters was important to me. 

If I were disappointed in anything – it was the age of the ship.  Even though it had been kept up very well—25 years old is not a new ship..  But, I didn’t ask that before I left.  When I first saw it I thought–“Oh Ohh, Joan you have made a big mistake.”  But the interior was very well kept.

Thank you for the book and if I know anyone who wants to go, I would refer them to you ASAP.


Joan Cocozza