I can’t begin to tell you how much we enjoyed the Lewis & Clark trip. It was just great. I had always read anything I could find on Lewis and Clark and to get to go on this trip was just beyond description. I don’t know how they survived.

That is the most beautiful country and really wild looking. How they made it with the boats and supplies they had I’ll never know. God was just with them. The whole trip was just wonderful but the jet boat rides up the Snake river was really exciting. It was really a highlight. Next to that, the day at Fort Clapton was also great. It was snowing, hailing, sleeting and raining that day so you could imagine what their stay would have been like while they were camped there. (cold and miserable).

Going through the Locks was also exciting. Just getting to see how that works was wonderful and to see the fish steps beside the locks. All of the side trips on the buses were extraordinary. The crew was so nice and pleasant, alway a smile and asking can I help you. Do you need anything, etc. Since this was the first cruise of the season everyone was having to learn just as we were learning but that just added to the fun.

The entertainment was also great. We really enjoyed the Banjo Player. The Historian, Pat Workman was also a big plus. Having someone explain what would have been going on at that point was nice and being able to ask him questions was great. Lunch was always provided on outside trips and all trips everything was paid for, for you. The food on board was really good. We loved everything on the menu. I don’t know what else to say about the trip except, GREAT! GREAT!

Would I recommend this trip? YES! YES!

Janis Duhe
March 2008