Cindy – thanks for sorting out the refund! The trip was a lot of fun.  The food and drink was wonderful.  I highly recommend staying near the Denver Union Station the night before departure.  There are several hotels and restaurants in the area and lots going on.  Plus, it is super easy to meet up with the Rocky Mountaineer bus to get to the train the morning of the departure.  We ended up staying in Moab for three days to hike and check out the parks.  For rental cars in Moab, Enterprise seems to be the best option.  They have a location in the town of Moab and at the airport.  Enterprise had a shuttle that met guests where we were dropped off (Moab Adventure Center) to bring them to the location in town.  For rental car pick up at the airport, there is a local shuttle that will bring guests to pick up rental cars for roughly $45.00.  It requires reserving a spot on the shuttle and runs every hour or so.


Bart and Valerie

moab train ride on rocky mountaineer
Following the river bend - what views! Photo by Bart & Valerie
train trip to moab on rocky mountaineer
Round the curve! Photo by Bart and Valerie

Rockies to Red Rocks: Denver Return Journey

Roundtrip Denver

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