“Just a note to let you know how much we enjoyed our cruise on the Island
Spirit!  We spent two-weeks cruising from Seattle to Juneau, and have never
enjoyed anything more.Some of the best highlights were seeing the grizzly bear family, who
couldn’t have cared less that a bunch of people were gawking at them.  The
same can be said of the black bear on the beach area of Lowe Inlet; he just
went on with his grubbing around.We loved all the times we anchored in coves; how peaceful it was. Also, the
times in the coves that we were able to get into the skiff or a kayak to go
look aat widlife and beautiful scenery. Capt. Jeff #2 was so knowledgeable
about the area and events in history, we were *very impressed*.

But we each have a special memory, that we can’t tell friends and family
about enough. For Joe it was watching the Dahl porpoises swim around the bow
of the ship! He couldn’t get over how fast they were and how fast they were
diving over and under each other and the bow of the ship.  And for me, it
was my first view of a glacier!  It was beautiful and amazing. The Capt.
Jeff #2 and Marie were very informative and I learned a lot more about

We can’t compliment the staff enough, they certainly took care of all our
needs. And with a smile. What a great bunch.  If  there weren’t so many
other things to see, we would book more trips on the Island Spirit.”

Gayla M. & Joe O.  Washugul, WA Alaska