Just wanted to say that we had a wonderful time aboard the SS Legacy. The crew were great and the entire trip was beautiful, interesting and very educational. The locks were fascinating as well as learning about the “fish ladders.”We met some very nice people with whom we could have continued having a good time anywhere. But all good things have to come to an end. We were glad we took a few days after the cruise. The rental car got us an extra 500 miles. It was a nice drive to Mt. Hood although it was totally fogged in, but the chance discovery of a neat little restaurant enroute made it fun. The Embassy Suites room was great as well as the Haystack Inn at Cannon Beach. We arrived on the day of the 50 to 70 mph wind gusts, but still exhilarating as well as the “Rock.” Drove down the Pacific coast. (glad we didn’t chicken out after the weather news hype), and then over to the capital, capitol building and then to the Red Lion Hotel at the airport. They were all very nice accommodations. Our room at the Marriott overlooking the Willamette river also gave us a “brief” look at Mt. Hood. The clear day when we visited the Maryhill Museum and Stonehenge also gave us a beautiful view of the mountain. As noted above, when we got to Timberline Village, we couldn’t see anything. 
Sorry we didn’t get the chance to meet you, but thanks for helping us set up this memorable trip.
Carolyn and Blackford
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