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We specialize in cruises carrying under 200 passengers – letting you receive the ultimate in personal service while seeing destinations bigger ships can’t visit.

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Vancouver WA River Cruise Vacations

Take a deep dive into local history, culture, and cuisine aboard a small-ship cruise!

Once you’re on board, you can relax knowing that everything — and we mean absolutely everything — is taken care of for you.

No more worries about renting a car to drive from city to city. No stressing out about finding suitable and comfortable overnight accommodations. No back-and-forth over where and what to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

And forget all about fretting over how much everything is going to cost.

With a USA River Cruise, it’s all-inclusive!

The world is waiting for you — Imagine the Journey.

USA River Cruises Destinations

The question is not, “Where does USA River Cruises Travel”? It’s where do we not travel! Our extensive list of destinations includes something for every traveler — from Mississippi and Ohio river cruises to Central and South America, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe and beyond!

Where do you want to go?


Maybe to the Society Islands and Tahiti! Vibrant with Polynesian culture, this cruise takes you to the sites of ancient temples, petroglyphs and wild coastlines. You’ll also get to spend some time in Bora Bora, where the weather is nearly always postcard perfect.


Perhaps you’re interested in something a little closer to home? Our cruises to and through Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands may be more to your liking. Your ship will navigate through some of the most majestic cruising grounds anywhere on earth, exploring hundreds of islands — many of which remain uninhabited — nestled between the United States mainland and Canada’s Vancouver Island. You’re likely to see a diverse array of wildlife, including hawks, whales, sea lions, and so much more.


That’s just a taste of what USA River Cruise offers. Please visit our destinations page to find a cruise that’s perfectly suited to your interests, your budget, and your dreams and desires.


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