It’s time to plan your 2016 vacations. Our agents have put together a list of their favorites for the new year – new itineraries we’re excited about and standard client favorites that always fit the bill! Where will 2016 take you? We’re excited to find out!

Mary’s Recommendation: Islands, Castles & Canals

MaryDeparture Date: September 27, 2016
Cruise Itinerary: Boston to Montreal
Ship: Grande Caribe

“The Islands, Castles and Canals itinerary is new for 2016. It is similar to the Locks, Legends and Canals (aka Locks, Legends and Fjords) that have been long-time favorites of our clients. It is a 15-night Fall cruise on the beautiful waterways from Boston and around the Cape Cod area, before cruising the Hudson River, Erie Canal and all of the interesting and historic ports, before reaching Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence Seaway. Enjoy overnights in Quebec City and 2 nights in Montreal. This is the President’s cruise in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the cruise line, and will include special complimentary things and a gift from President Nancy. Having spent 11 nights on board this small, casual, but very comfortable ship; being pampered by a wonderful crew and enjoying marvelous meals, I would like our clients to take advantage of this new and 1-time-only itinerary for 2016! If you are looking for a great vacation experience and a unique way to visit these areas, along with a maximum of 88 fellow passengers, please call me for more details about this experience!” – Mary

Patty’s Recommendation: Exploring Alaska’s Coastal Wilderness

PattyDeparture Dates: May 14 thru August 28, 2016
Cruise Itinerary: Juneau to Sitka, or reverse
Ship: Sea Bird & Sea Lion

Alaska is one of Patty‘s favorite vacation destinations! She’s traveled there many times, and loves being able to recommend her favorite things to do and see. No matter how you get there, Patty is your agent! But she wanted you to know about the Sea Bird and Sea Lion which both spend their summers in Alaska. These ships are Lindblad/National Geographic. You’ll be experiencing natural and cultural wonders completely unique to Alaska. The expedition teams include naturalists, photographers and videographers, as well as undersea specialists that will go diving to take video to share with the passengers of the abundant life that lives below the waves.

Cindy’s Recommendation: Historic South & Golden Isles

Departure Dates: February 27 thru May 14, November 12 thru December 27, 2016
Cruise Itinerary: Jacksonville, FL to Charleston, SC, or reverse
Ships: Independence, American Star, & American Glory

“One of my favorite cruises was the Historic South on the American Star, I really enjoyed ALL of the ports.  Savannah was my favorite as it is such a beautiful, historic  city, but all of the stops were very interesting, educational and the food was amazing!!” – Cindy

Nadine’s Recommendation: Columbia River

Nadine 3Departure Dates: March 19 thru November 19, 2016
Cruise Itinerary: Portland, OR to Clarkston, WA, or reverse
Ship: American Empress

Nadine is a fan of our local area, and especially the American Empress paddlewheel. But Nadine is always looking out for you and is recommending a cruise with special rates: “I would suggest the Columbia River Gorge.  The [American] Empress has great pricing for April cruises.” – Nadine
Call Nadine and book by January 15, 2016 to get great savings on your April 2016 Columbia River cruise!

Sue’s Recommendation: Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Riches of the Mekong

Patty and Sue on Uncommon's PullmanDeparture Date: October 15-30, 2016
Cruise Itinerary: Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi
Ship: AmaDara

Sue has put together a fantastic and unique cruise package to Vietnam for 2016 that could be just perfect for you! The package includes two nights in Ho Chi Minh City before boarding the ship for a 7-night cruise. The post-cruise package includes 3 nights in Siem Reap, 2 nights in Hanoi, and 1 night Ha Long Bay. “After everything that went on there, the country is quiet and peaceful. And your dollar goes a long way. Airfare from the US to Hanoi has been really reasonable lately.” – Sue
Call Sue to book this amazing package: 800-578-1479.

Donavan’s Recommendation: Columbia River Wine Cruise

Donavan MartinDeparture Dates: April 16, 23; June 18; August 6, 13; October 22, 29, 2016
Cruise Itinerary: Portland, OR, roundtrip
Ship: S.S. Legacy

“I think that 2016 would be a great year to try our Ameritage Columbia River Wine cruise!  The Portland area was just voted the best restaurant city in the United States and Oregon and Washington are becoming one of the best areas for wineries!” – Donavan

Ashley’s Recommendation: Christmas on the Mississippi River

Ashley's Picture for USA River Cruise websiteDeparture Dates: December 4, 11, 18, 2016
Cruise Itinerary: New Orleans to Memphis, or reverse
Ship: American Queen

Okay, I’m not an agent. I’m just the person writing this blog. But my #1 recommendation every year was, is, and will always be Christmas on the American Queen. When people ask me which cruise I would want to take, this is always my choice. Every year, I imagine how much fun it would be to decorate the beautiful paddlewheel with Victorian Christmas decorations… and how gorgeous it would look in person. (American Queen, I hope you’re listening to this: on your first Christmas sailing of the season, you should let the passengers help decorate! Maybe not all of it, but some. Decorating is really fun and great bonding, and we could all sing carols while we do it… Think about it.) Anyway, this cruise should be on everyone’s ‘Cruise To-Do List.’ It’s at the top of mine! – Ashley