Whether traveling alone or with groups of friends, more women than ever have been cruising the world’s waterways with USA River Cruises!

travel ideas for women

As wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends, women are always putting the needs of everyone else before their own. But, inside of us all there’s an adventurer just waiting to get out and see the world! We believe it’s vital for women to make time for themselves to relax and rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and spirits– and cruising is a great way to do that. (Just imagine sipping your morning coffee on the deck of the American Queen as you cruise on sparkling water!) Over the years, many women have turned to us for the opportunity to explore amazing destinations and recharge– with and without their husbands.

How Small Ship Cruising Appeals to the Female Traveler

Safety – Small ships are safe and provide a great community where solo travelers won’t get lost in the crowd or feel alone. More staff per passenger means escorted adventures off the ship are also incredibly safe, making this a more-likely travel choice for even the most timid of passengers.

Quality and comfort – These are not gigantic cruise ships full of young families where it’s tough to find an empty deck chair. With small ships, we’re able to focus on the finer points of travel, offering you the chance to truly relax, enjoy the fine dining, take in the scenery and even catch up on your reading!

Slow pace – If you’re like most women who enjoy travel, you’ve probably planned plenty of vacations that you needed another vacation to recover from! If you’re interested in a change of pace, you’re guaranteed to enjoy taking your time on our relaxed, yet enriching, itineraries.

Intimate experiences – On small ships, we travel in small groups, which means you’ll get to know our staff and get personal attention from lecturers, entertainers, and local guides.

Group discounts – Get your friends and female family members together for an unforgettable girls’ trip! If you have a large group (10+) that wants to cruise together, give us a call and we’ll help you plan your getaway at discounted prices.

Meet new people – Traveling solo may be intimidating at first, but we think you’ll be delighted by the friendly atmosphere aboard our cruise ships. You won’t feel like the odd person out at a dinner table with nothing but couples. We always have a reception for guests upon arrival so you can meet each other and arrange to do things together. Each day will be another chance to make friends and have a laugh over lunch.

Fun themes – Many of our cruises have a distinct focus on elements of destination-related culture, like a wine themed cruise to Walla Walla, Wash., with tastings, vineyard tours, and special lectures by local experts.

Free time – Our travel plans make room for individual exploration, shopping, or a day the spa.

We take care of everything – We’ll help you arrange air travel and hotel stays surrounding your cruise if necessary. We’ll also take care of shuttles from airports and hotels to port and handle your luggage.

We urge all women to consider traveling solo or taking a ladies trip. Cruising is a fantastic way relax, explore, and truly drink in a destination. Call USA River Cruises at (800) 578-1479 or use our contact form to book your travel today!