USA River Cruises offers trips all over the United States, and we know our passengers have their favorites. While all of our cruise offerings have amenities to keep everyone comfortable for weeks on end, it’s where the boats embark that thrill our fans. From natural beauty to historical significance, the following areas are our most scenic cruises.

The Columbia River Gorge

With cruises spanning the width of Washington and Oregon, you’ll see all the beauty the diverse Northwest has to offer. From the amber waves of grain east of the mountains on the Snake River to the turbulent tides where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean in Astoria, our Columbia and Snake River cruises reveal the best of what the Pacific Northwest offers. But the truly scenic section of the river is the Columbia River Gorge – the second U.S. National Scenic Area to be federally recognized in 1986.

There are plenty of “photo opportunities” along the way. From the green vineyards dotting the canyon to the massive wind turbines lining the river to the east, there’s always something to see on our Columbia Gorge Cruises.

With our variety of cruises, you’re sure to find a beautiful cruise to your liking. USA River Cruises has many cruise itineraries on multiple boats to choose from. Depending on the cruise or time of year, there are several animals to spy along the way. From river otters, sturgeon, and salmon to hawks, wolves, and maybe even elk or bighorn sheep. One of our favorite stops is at the Bonneville dam where passengers can go to an underwater viewing area to see a fish ladder in action.

For more information on our Columbia River Gorge cruises, go to our Columbia River Cruises Page. You’ll be able to see where our boats go and what to expect on your journey.

Mississippi River

From the Mississippi Delta to Minneapolis/St. Paul, the Mississippi is the longest river in the United States, winding through 10 states, and one of the great commercial waterways in the world. Traveling the Mississippi is like going through American history, and with many boats offering more than a dozen cruise routes, USA River Cruises has the perfect cruise for you.

The upper Mississippi is a beautiful way to take in the upper Mississippi. Mark Twain once described this part of the country as paradise, and in the late summer, it’s hard to argue with the humorist. Our nine-day, eight-night round trip cruise from St. Paul is an excellent example of that.

Watching the seasons change provides a gorgeous backdrop to the history of the upper Mississippi. From the Grand Opera house in Dubuque, IA, to the “island city” of Winona, MN, to Red Wing, MN – one of the most historic places in the world according to National Geographic Traveler – the Upper Mississippi cruise is a history lovers dream.

Our upper Mississippi River page is full of information about the cruises we offer. No matter if it’s five nights or 21 nights, our cruises options will give you the trip of a lifetime.


The Hudson River

As you begin your voyage on the Hudson River, you sail away from one of the world’s greatest cities and its stunning skyline.  Heading north on the Hudson River, the skyscrapers fade away and gently rolling hills dotted with small communities take over the view. Pass under the massive pedestrian bridge that spans the river and wave to those walking up above. See if you can spot one of the magnificent mansions that line the bluffs overlooking the river. This was where the ultra wealthy came to enjoy their summers away from the big city, including presidents, writers, artists, and more. The entire river is steeped in history.

It is not hard to imagine the importance of this river during war time, so near the border between Canada and the USA. You can almost see the masted ships loaded with Redcoats or Rebels plying these waters.  The further north you sail on your cruise, the more rural the landscape becomes, filled with orchards and wildlife. This magnificent river is definitely scenic in many different ways!  Learn more about itineraries and what you might find on a Hudson River cruise.

Hudson River Bear Mountain Bridge