Alaska is on your list of places still to visit, but not all Alaska cruises were created equal. You’re not going to Alaska to sit 5 miles from shore on a floating city with 5000 other people. You’re not going to Alaska to gamble on the ship all day. You want to cruise to Alaska and know that you’ve really experienced Alaska! You want to feel the spray from the calving glaciers, and watch the whales swim right past your window. You want to stomp thru untouched wilderness, and watch the bears fishing on shore. You’re looking to Un-Cruise Alaska.

Alaska’s Wilderness

Part of Alaska’s great appeal is it’s untouched natural landscape. If you want to get your hands dirty in the wilderness, you’re ready to Un-Cruise Alaska! In Alaska, wilderness means more than one thing. It could be standing in awe at the 3000 ft cliffs of Misty Fjords National Monument, or hiking thru the thick brush in Tongass National Forest, or frolicking with park rangers in Glacier Bay National Park.

Wildlife Experiences

The list of wildlife that you could see in Alaska is long and exciting! First is always the bears: black and brown! Also on land you can see mountain goats and eagles. In the water, the variety of marine animals includes harbor seals, sea otters, salmon, halibut, crab, humpback and gray whales, and orcas.

Seasonal Variations Whale migration bear bird salmon northern lights Un-Cruise Alaska

The wildlife is, of course, one of the great draws to Alaska. Watching a whale breach off the side of the boat would be the highlight of anyone’s cruise. We suggest you Un-Cruise Alaska in Spring, when the bears are just waking up from their winter slumber, and they’re all heading out to the river banks and shorelines in search of fresh fish! Since the small ships can cruise closer to shore than the big ships, you can safely watch the bears from the deck of your ship.

What is Bushwhacking, and Why do I Want to Do It?

Bushwhacking is more than just hiking. Hiking can be done anywhere. Bushwhacking is location-specific – it can only be done in a the wild. You won’t be following a well-worn trail. You’ll be swimming thru wild brush, climbing over or under fallen trees, and finding your own way over rivers and streams. Rubber boots are best for bushwhacking, and gloves also might be appropriate.

Un-Cruise Alaska

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