One of the most common questions asked as the travel industry slowly begins to open up, is “Can I take a cruise in 2021?”  The short answer is YES. The longer answer is a bit more involved when the rules are changing – sometimes daily. In fact, there are quite a number of ships already in the water with passengers enjoying their vacation right now. Here are your questions answered as of May 10, 2021:

Can I book a cruise for traveling in 2021?

YES. Small ship cruises that carry less than 200 passengers are allowed to sail by CDC rules.  Almost all our cruises are small ship cruises and will be allowed to sail. It is important to realize that many passengers who were scheduled to take a big ship cruise have found their trips cancelled and are booking trips on smaller ships now. The space is filling up extremely quickly on 2021 cruises.

Will I need a vaccination shot before I go?

This will vary by cruise line. Most will require passengers to have completed their vaccinations before boarding. According to CDC, you are not considered fully vaccinated until 14 days after your final immunization shot.  Some cruise lines may require you take a Covid19 test 4 days prior to boarding.

Keep in mind that for many vacations, you may have to fly to the city from which the cruise begins, and will need to follow any airline regulations.

If I go on a cruise, will I have to wear a mask while on board?

The same guidelines apply when on a cruise ship or during shore excursions as would apply to any public space. If you are vaccinated, you can be without a mask when outdoors. When in a confined space, such as in a van onshore or watching entertainment onboard, a mask may be required. The recommendations regarding use of masks is changing rapidly as more people become vaccinated.

Where can I cruise to?

Cruises are traveling to New England, the Southern coastline, Chesapeake Bay, the Lower Mississippi, the Upper Mississippi, the Missouri River, the Columbia River, Puget Sound, and Alaska.

Where can’t I travel to?

Currently, Americans are not allowed to travel to most countries other than Iceland. Canada has not opened up to US Citizens yet, and so some cruises to Niagra Falls or the Great Lakes have had to alter their itineraries.

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Will Cruises Resume in 2021?
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Will Cruises Resume in 2021?
Can I take a cruise in 2021? The short answer is YES. The longer answer is a bit more involved when the rules are changing – sometimes daily.
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