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North Bound Transition Cruise

Rates & Dates:

Trip Length: 14 Days/ 13 Nights

Prices from: $4,000 pp/do*

2016 Dates: May 4th-18th

Ships: MV Northern Dream

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During May of 2016 the “Northern Dream” will begin its transition cruise from the state of Washington to the state of Alaska.

May 4th the Northern Dream will depart the Puget Sound in Washington and head north to Juneau. For 14 days, you’ll experience the beauty of the Pacific Coast as you watch the view transition from evergreen trees to snow-capped peaks to glaciers. And all along the way, cruising between islands and watching for whale pods.

This is one of the few transition cruises that we have that stops in Canada! Make sure you’ve got your passports ready to explore Nanaimo, Campbell River, and Buttedale and more.


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May 4th – You will be picked up in our van at 10:00 am and transported to the Northern Dream in Anacortis Wa. We will depart Anacortis at 2 pm for Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands. We will spend that evening at the port of Friday Harbor giving you plenty of time to explore  the small island town.

May 5th  –We will depart Friday Harbor at 11 am bound for Garrison Bay on the other side of San Juan island. We will go ashore and explore English Camp where the great pig war of 1859 was fought. We will then transit to Roache Harbor and spend the night at the Roache Harbor Marina. After dinner you will have time to explore the grounds around Roache Harbor marina.
May 6th – We will depart Roache Harbor bound for Nanaimo B.C. We will arrive Nanaimo B.C. and clear Canadian customs. After dinner you will have time to explore the city of Nanaimo.
May 7th  -We will depart Nanaimo after breakfast bound for Campbell river B.C. We will arrive at the marina in Campbell River B.C. around 4 p.m. After dinner you will have time to explore the city of Campbell River.
May 8th  -Depending on the time of the tide we will depart Campbell River bound for Port Hardy B.C. at the northern end of Vancouver island. Just north of Campbell river is seymour narrows, which we can only transit at slack water. We will spend the night at the Port Hardy marina and you will have time to go ashore and explore this small fishing community.
May 9th  -We will depart Port Hardy and cross Queen Charlotte sound bound for Shearwater bay. We will anchor for the night in Shearwater bay. Here we can Kayak or go ashore in our launch boat to the near by community of Bella Bella B.C.
May 10th  -We will depart Shearwater bay bound for Buttedale B.C.  After we arrive at Buttedale, the care taker will  show you around what was once a fish packing plant employing 800 people. The plant closed in 1959, a lot of history remains at this sight and is very interesting to see.
May 11th  -We will depart Buttedale at 6:00 am for Ketchican Alaska. We will arrive Ketchican in the evening, depending on our arrival time we will either clear customs that evening or the next morning. Once we have cleared customs you will be able to go ashore to explore Ketchican Alaska.
May 12th  -We will spend the entire day exploring Ketchican Alaska.
May 13th  -We will depart Ketchican bound for Wrangell Alaska. We will arrive in Wrangell around 2 pm allowing you the afternoon and evening to explore wrangell.
May 14th  -We will depart Wrangell after breakfast bound for Petersburg Alaska. Will will transit wrangall narrows viewing lots of bush cabins and small fishing camps along the way. We will arrive Petersburg after lunch allowing ample time to explore Petersburg Alaska.
May 15th  -We will depart petersburg for Endicott arm and we will anchor in a small bay for the evening.
May 16th  -We will make our way up to Dawes glacier and spend 2 to 3 hours viewing the glacier. We will then transit half way Down Endicott arm to Fords Terror. We can only enter Ford terror at high slack water. Once inside Fords Terror you will view one of the most beautiful places in Southeast Alaska. After we anchor for the evening we launch the Kayaks allowing you time to explore Fords Terror. We always see bears along the shore.
May 17th  -We depart Fords Terror at high slack water. We transit down Endicott arm to Stephens passage bound for Taku harbor. We spend the night at the forest service dock in Taku harbor. We deploy our Dungeness crab pots here, this is also a great place to kayak.  You can go ashore and hike the trails and view the remains of an old fish packing plant.
May 18th  -After breakfast we pull our crab pots. The chef prepares the crab for for a lunch crab feed. After lunch we make the 2 hour cruise into down town Juneau.
We arrive in Juneau Alaska at 3pm.


Photo Credit: Northern Dream